A stands for Alison

B stands for …?

C stands for Crime Writer.


Who am I? And what does the ‘B’ in A B Morgan stand for?

I’ll let you into a little secret, I don’t have a middle name. Most people call me Ali and I’ve been gifted with the nickname of Bongo. Yes, that’s right. Ali Bongo – a very well respected magician in his day.

But why use it at all?

Well the truth is there are other people, other authors out there with my name… and I didn’t want to use A Morgan, as it makes me sound like a car.

In the simplest terms, I’m a former mental health nurse, country bumpkin at heart, married to a hairy biker, fascinated by words, with a love of live music and an innate ability to make people smile and laugh. I used to write rubbish poetry – most memorable would be ‘Oh no, Mrs Stephens, I don’t swear , my duck‘, which was a challenge as far as rhyming went. Many years ago I also wrote a play in which none of the actors had a speaking part.

“I write what I want to read”

Nowadays I write crime. Why? Well, firstly I had to give up nursing when my heart went wonky and I needed to save my own sanity, and secondly because ever since Peter Rabbit risked his life in Mr McGregor’s garden, I’ve been thrilled by thrillers and crime.


Apart from writing, what else do I do?

The 2019 Beaconlit Fest with Morgen Bailey and our two spare brains

A girl has to keep busy, and you can’t write if you don’t experience life. Adding to a few decades worth of domestic drama and working at the sharp edge of Mental Health services, my life can dish up some great little treats to write about. Here is a brief list to demonstrate what I mean.

  • I learnt to ride a motorcycle aged fifty blah-blah.
  • Pubs are great places for people-watching, picking up tips, quips and unusual turns of phrase.
  • Dog walking- it’s always the dog walker who finds the body.
  • Adventures – no matter how small. Take a different route, explore.
  • Train journeys – especially ones where a fellow passenger turns out to be a druid and tells you all about it from Milton Keynes to Llandudno.
  • Rugby matches, and singing loudly on public transport even when sober.
  • Being a panel member for a local BBC Radio Lifestyle show.
  • Watching village am-dram productions.
  • Going to see a band in a venue with sticky carpets and dodgy toilets.
  • Being the incompetent crew on a boat.
  • Trying to learn Welsh and failing. 

The list goes on.

Because I like to share what I know I also give talks, mostly on the subject of bumping people off. If you’d like to know more then please explore the rest of the website.

Yes that’s me…