Welcome to Alison Morgan’s author website.

Alison Morgan is a writer of mysteries, suspense and psychological thrillers.

Her current psychological thriller Stench is out now.

‘An outstanding and witty novel with one of the most jaw dropping conclusions I have read in a while. What a belter of a book!’ Five stars from Kaisha Holloway,  The Writing Garnet.





Who am I?

I worked for the NHS for nearly thirty years, twenty of those within mental health services, at the front line, where I eventually became the manager of a countywide community service for people experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Much to my frustration, my heart decided to develop an electrical fault, and my much loved career juddered to a halt. Not one for thumb twiddling, I took up position in front of a computer with a plan to write a set of clinical guidelines for assessment of psychosis, but instead a story, which had been lurking in my mind for several years, came tumbling out. Since then I have continued to write and the stories just keep coming.

What else do I do?:

Workshops at local libraries, pubs and clubs in support of local writers and keen readers. Talks, the occasional local BBC radio guest appearance, blogs and articles – mostly about crime writing, but also making use of my years of experience to inform readers and writers about  the difference between mental illness experiences and actions taken by characters because of certain personality traits. The list continues to grow…