The Camera Lies by A B Morgan

The Camera Lies

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on 14 February 2018

The lead character weaves the storyline within the setting of his TV interview. An intriguing, fascinating tale takes shape focusing on control, passion, horror, murder and justice.

Ali Morgan is a brilliant new author of psychological thrillers and this is her third thrilling book.

In The Camera Lies there is also a sprinkling of humour. Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat, bite your nails (I have none left) and laugh. So there you have it. What more could you want from a novel?

The Camera Lies – read it yourself to find out more. No spoilers here!

Divine Poison by A B Morgan

Divine Poison

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Misfits farm

4 January 2018

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A Justifiable Madness



A Justifiable Madness

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20 February 2018

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