The Bloodline Will

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‘I love this author’s books she has a wicked writing style and this is another favourite for me!

The book was an addictive read, it was set at the perfect pace and I loved how the author builds up the suspense to the end, there were certainly many plot layers to this one and when you thought you had it on track, she threw in something that made you start to doubt yourself – it kept me on my toes and I loved the time that I was immersed in the bookDonna Maguire – book blogger/reviewer 

He made a mistake, and for the sake of his future career, investigative TV reporter Konrad Neale must apologise in person to Ella Fitzwilliam.

Detained under section in a secure forensic unit, she doesn’t foresee a bright future. And she despises Konrad for exploiting her and exaggerating the truth about what she really did.

All in the name of journalism

However, when he spots famous recluse Abigail Nithercott in the same facility, he cannot resist the chance to scoop the next big story.

But must use Ella to uncover the dark Nithercott family secret.

Blood. Thicker than water, it spills…

Some family trees have to die.

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