What a ride.

I am now on day three of the book launch Blog Blitz. I never even knew what one was until I joined Bloodhound Books. I say  ‘joined’ but what I actually mean is – was invited to be a part of.

Since Thursday at the crack of dawn, I have spent hours in front of the computer wrestling with Facebook and Twitter, desperate not to offend anyone and making sure I have said ‘thank you’ to all the amazing reviewers and bloggers out there in social media book land.

The response has been astounding and although I’m smiling like an idiot I also feel humbled by the unexpected level of praise received.

When I wrote the story of A Justifiable Madness, I never imagined the amount of work that Bloodhound Books would put into marketing their authors and the novels we write. My biggest thanks go to them and to my fellow authors who encourage each other. Great team.

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