What have the reviews said so far?

Since the official launch of #DivinePoison, the social media sites have been buzzing with reviews, tweets, retweets and likes. I’ve held my breath checking Goodreads and Amazon to see whether the book has done it’s job, to entertain. All very exciting and nerve wracking for a new author like myself. A year ago I would have struggled to understand the value of a retweet let alone how to manage posting on Twitter, Facebook and others. Now I have no choice and am finally getting the hang of the tools that form an essential part of marketing a book on line. Not bad for an old bird.

What fascinated me, as the reviews rolled in, were the variations. Some focussed on pace, others on plot, or theme, style, characterisation, or a combination. There were unexpected interpretations, valid points about red herrings that hadn’t even been intended as such, and a thoughtfulness within each review whilst not shying away from opinion.

Hats off to the bloggers, reviewers and readers! An enormous thank you to you all (as well as to family, friends, fellow authors and Bloodhound Books of course)


Divine Poison is Available on Amazon

Here are links to a few of those reviews from the three day Blog Blitz:

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