What’s a blog tour?

The sight and smell of a bookshop has drawn readers in for as long as books have been available to purchase, but these days online sales are central to publishing, both in paperback and eBook formats, Whatever long and arduous route your book has taken in order to be published, social media plays a part in the marketing of it, and in the world of fiction the marketplace for Crime Thrillers and Psychological Suspense is rammed. One way to let readers know your novel exists and to give them a flavour of it, is to be part of a book tour. Authors with larger publishing houses often tour bookshops and libraries because making personal appearances at literary events is part of the deal. For us minnows of the writing world there is the helpful option of the online tour, the blog tour.

Without fanatical – dare I say – obsessive readers who also blog and review the books they read, these tours could not happen. If, like me you are with a publisher, these will be organised for you, but there are bloggers who take on the organisation of tours, for a reasonable fee of course, and therefore this is a marketing strategy that is open to all authors.

Spare a thought for these incredible people who agree to read and review a book because they love reading. Generously, they then share their thoughts and book-love on a number of platforms as well as their own websites. You’ll find thousands of book reviews on FaceBook, Twitter, GoodReads, Amazon, Instagram etc. The sheer volume of reviews some bloggers carry out is quite staggering and, as a slow reader, I live in admiration of their productivity, many with full time occupations as well as family and children. How they do it I’m not entirely sure, but I thank them wholeheartedly for their time.

Bloggers, book reviewers and blog tour organisers, you are an amazing bunch!

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